2012 Ski Season

o The derecho storm of July 2012 knocked down the tree house.  We have to rebuild it in the Spring of 2013.

o A 55 inch flat screen was added to the living room area and updated surround sound system and karoake.  It’s easier to use now.  Dish network was upgraded to HD along with a DVR for recording shows while skiing.  Netflix is set up and accessible for movies on this screen.

o The living room couch was replaced with a sectional.  This allows for seating of about 7 or 8 versus the old couch which could comfortably hold 4 or 5.

55 TV video
Sectional Couch Web

2011 Ski Season

o  For those guests that experienced the most snow in over 50 years, we planted 160 Majestic Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce trees along the driveway. There was so much drifting and falling snow, we needed a bulldozer with a backhoe to clear the driveway.
o Central air conditioning was installed.  I don’t have to lug that window air conditioner up and down the stairs each season.
160 Majestic Blue Spruce and Norway Spruce web

2010 Ski Season

o  Installed a Summer’s Heat wood pellet stove in the basement game room for a toasty warm entertainment area.  These are the most efficient and ecologically friendly wood stoves available.
o  Added a LazyBoy recliner to the main living room.
o  A trash can frame was built to 1. Keep the wind from blowing them off into the woods and 2. Keep the interested bears away. The friendly bear from the summer of 2009 has been relocated far away.
o  Completed the tree house for summer guests
PC070002 PC070010
Treehouse Spring 2010 Web

2009 Ski Season

o  Upgraded the Softtub T300 with a Caldera Hawaiin 7 person, 380 gallon hot tub.
o  We begin the construction of a Tree House with a 12x12 foot base 8 feet off the ground
o  Bathrooms now are stocked with Eccosential’s bath & facial soap, shampoo, & lotion.
o  The outdoor of the house and deck were refreshed with a full powerwashing and staining.
o  Replaced the kitchen refrigerator with larger side by side model and replaced the deck gas grill
Hot Tub web Aric nailing in floor boards


o  Added Early arrival and Late departure options for those groups wanting a little extra time.
o  Air-conditioning has been added by way of the largest window air-conditioner available on the market.  Although not necessary in the summer, this is nice to cool down during later afternoon sun.
o  Small children’s sliding hill added following the installation of a retaining wall.
o  Paintball maze completely redesigned adding multiple routes, some new ditches and base locations
Maze 5 web
Sleding hill and retaining wall

Plans for the future:

We like to dream of new ideas for the Top of the Ridge and these are a couple of our ideas to add one day...

  • o  Close in the first car garage and turn it into a movie theater.
  • o  Build a small 1 room cabin with a loft for additional guests.
  • o  Expand the deck out another 8 feet.
  • o  Put an in-ground pool and then cover it for winter use.
  • o  Add a video game machine in the backroom
  • o  Add a treadmill & sauna in the backroom